Is your company working on improving diversity? For many companies, diversity recruiting is becoming increasingly important.
Diversity recruiting is the practice of hiring candidates using a process free from biases that are unrelated to their job performance, such as gender, age, race, etc. But you may be wondering how you can improve diversity recruiting.

5 Tips for Improving Diversity Recruiting:

  • Variety in sourcing

When you source your candidates from a variety of places, it will naturally increase the diversity of your recruitments. Utilizing the same one or two sources will likely deliver a less diverse pool of candidates, so making an effort to find new avenues for recruiting can change that.

  • Offer internships to diverse groups

If your company has an intern program, prioritize finding diverse groups to market your internship program.

  • Improve your employee referral program

Ensure that your current employees are aware of your company’s employee referral program. Recruiting via word of mouth is a great source, so make sure that your diverse employees are aware of the program.

  • Use artificial intelligence to remove bias

When using an applicant tracking system, you can remove bias from your resume screening process. This will provide you a shortlist of qualified applicants without the prejudice that manual screening would undoubtedly have.

  • Utilize social media

Within social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are many diverse groups of professionals. Recruiters can join these groups, participate in their communities, and post relevant job opportunities to ensure that it’s marketed to a diverse group of candidates.

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