Francis D. Agyare

VP & Chief Legal Counsel

Compliance Management
Management Training

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Our Human Resource team is diverse and dynamic, with wide-ranging knowledge of every aspect of Human Resources services and consulting. Each member works with a discerning eye to identify and understand human capital, allowing us to offer actionable insights on the best solutions for your company. We know how to select, develop, and implement the best solution for your needs.


With a background in law, I have been able to accumulate invaluable knowledge that will be helpful for you.



UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law


Attorney & Law Educator


25 years of experience - Legal Expert

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We are a team committed to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. Our processes are carefully designed and meticulously implemented, and we always customize our solutions to your specific company. This philosophy can be summed up in the following four core values: Teamwork and collaboration, Performance management, Employee relations, and Project management.